Internships / stay / training for after deconfinement.

06 May 2020 /

Many men are contacting me to find out if it is still possible to register for the next animation dates. So there is an energy present, perhaps the ardor of spring and its “surges of sap” lol. Obviously we are all going through phases of questioning and many points are pending. But facing a complex question, isn’t this the space to fully take one’s place as a man, to face what frightens us or what attracts us without succumbing to overkill? But also to choose, to decide by fully taking our responsibility, to position ourselves in fact?

“It’s not what happens that determines my life, but how I react to what happens.”

If you have not yet registered for an internship / stay / training, but you wish to have information, it is of course possible, contact me via the contact form of the site to send me your email so that I can you integrate into the newsletter list so that you receive all the necessary information.

Go on your journey in an inspired and inspiring way and take care of yourself.