Unknown, health protocol and various questions.

13 January 2021 /

A new year, with strangers, but during which we can together (re) discover our bodies, make our souls sparkle and celebrate our hearts of tender, rascal, greedy, sensual men.
A new year where we can meet to share the experience of creative energy, sensuality pampered by the benevolence of male tantrism.
A new year full of special periods where we will create together a case of benevolent love and awareness so that everyone can relax, (re) pose, and free themselves. To be able to calmly explore all the fulfilling assets and benefits of internships.

Since the constraints appeared last March, I have worked to find a health protocol to ensure the balance between safety and pleasure. At the start of each internship, everyone will have the necessary space to exchange freely, testify about their journey over the past few months, and express their needs, expectations and possible fears.
For each shared structure, I will set the constraints, and enriched with this information we can create together the framework (collective or duo), of which I undertake to be the guarantor. In the joy, the good humor and the responsibilities of each one we will be able to vibrate all together without undergoing societal pressures. It is a joyful and responsible apprenticeship.

My invitation is to join these adventures with an open mind, with the necessary flexibility in these complex times.