By working on myself, I discovered the sexual liberation movements, the results of research in sexology or psychotherapy and finally spiritual teachings that ignored sexuality.

Different events in my life have forced me to dive into the search for a renewal that I have explored through many internships and experiences.

The discoveries made then overwhelmed me. The lasting effects, the transformations that they brought to me were obvious to me as much to those of my entourage. I was thus able to free myself from my fears, from my guilt, from conditioning linked to my history. I felt the spontaneity and innocence of the child in relation to life. I integrated within me the natural flow of energy (sexual, among others) while letting it circulate in the various subtle centers of my body. I thus discovered the connection between the heart, the body and the spirit. Various experiences have also allowed me to open my knowledge to other dimensions.

My personality then gained in coherence. I perceived a complete feeling of unity and verticality to finally open my consciousness to the pride of being a man on the way. And it is on this path that, pushed by friends, the first Touch Discovery courses in the Cévennes began in 2013.

In total opposition to all sectarian or religious links, I position myself as an independent (r) awakener of conscience.

/ The spirit


In the Cévennes, in a preserved natural setting, you will appreciate a new bodily contact between men around tenderness, the return to body language and touch, you will take the time to (re) discover yourself, to discover the other, to find the right distance.

In this new listening and this confidence, you will be able to dare to propose another way of being in relation with your peers, to dare to receive / give affection, contact, trust, freedom and why not, allow yourself to creativity.

By welcoming everything that presents itself in the present moment, without pressure, without taboos, without judgment, just to be well in any connection to yourself.

And, between men, we will be amazed at this delicious simplicity in a secure environment and without any acting out.

The internships are not normative; there is no injunction to “do this or that” or “like this, like that”. You will not be evaluated, qualified, judged in terms of “good” or “bad”.

You will be invited to “be with what is happening”, adding a quality: awareness. The internships will not have the intention of “changing” you but of better “co-born” you.

Consciousness is transformative, not will. The latter is always too much at the service of the packaging received.

I will offer you different approaches related to the Sacred / Anchored Masculine inspired by tantric teachings, active Osho meditations, tribal dances, bioenergetics, Essene treatments, conscious sexuality, the balance between Yin ( Anima) and Yang (Animus), conscious touch, male archetypes, nature and my daily life.

All the entertainment proposals are accessible to all men, beginners or initiates (experienced, confirmed, seasoned), whatever their sexual orientation.

All the internships and the stay take place in residential in Vialas en Lozère in the Cévennes National Park.

A prior telephone interview is encouraged to discuss your expectations.

When I look back on my life, I realize that every time I failed to achieve something good, in truth something better awaited me.

Steve maraboli

/ Internships

When I let go of what I am, I become what I could be.

Lao Tzu

/ The place of internships & stays


The internships and stay take place in residential in Lozère in the Cévennes National Park.

Le Mas du Coupétadou, in Vialas, will welcome you in a charming restored 17th century bed and breakfast at the foot of Mont Lozère.

A yurt, comfortably furnished, accommodates the moments of common structures. Meals take place at the table d’hôtes. The Mas is particularly renowned for the quality of its food. Adapted meals are offered, as far as possible, to people with intolerances or specific diets. The bedrooms are shared: 2 (3 bedrooms) or 4 (for one bedroom). The bathrooms are private for each room. Possibility of single room on specific request. A hammam allows you to enjoy hot and humid moments of relaxation at the end of the day. The large garden offers pleasant breaks between sessions.




The locally made yurt, intimate by its roundness, welcomes us for group work sessions. It is discreetly installed a few minutes walk from the Mas. It has a dry toilet and a place to wash hands. It measures 6 meters in diameter: it is of sufficient size to accommodate groups of 10 people. It is insulated at ground level (we are working on a pretty weathered pine parquet), walls and roof (hemp “wool”). It is easily heatable and has, in addition to the door, two natural ventilations: a ” roof eye ”and a large window opening onto the valleys. It is of course fully equipped with the necessary equipment (including comfortable mattresses for floor practices). She will offer you her energy in different atmospheres between the day and the evening sessions.




The little piece of nature where you will be accommodated during your internship is located in the Cévennes National Park, at the foot of Mont Lozère. Vialas is the last village of Lozère before the Gard. It is hung on the southern slope of Mont Lozère enjoying a very privileged climate.

If coming here seems far to you, the preserved environment, the isolation from all pollution, the immersion in the forests of holm oaks and chestnut trees, and the proximity of the river (the Luech) will satisfy you.

In addition, reaching the Mas is not as complicated as it seems … Especially if you come by train to the nearest station, located in Génolhac and 15-20 minutes by car from the house. The train (after the carpooling which I will offer you depending on the geographical origin of the participants) is one of the solutions to come and, undoubtedly the most economical if you live a little far away and you organize yourself in advance. .

1 / The best offer towards Nîmes, your first arrival station, is at:

OUIGO, departure from Paris Gare de Lyon at 6:11 am, arrival Nîmes at 9:10 am (and NOT Nîmes Pont du Gard: this station is not in the city center).

By booking in advance, the price for one way is 19 €.

2 / Then a TER from Nîmes to Génolhac with the site of the Occitanie region which offers tickets at 1 euro (most often purchasable within 10 to 15 days preceding the date of travel). Departure example: Nîmes at 12:17 p.m. Arrival in Génolhac at 13:39.

-> or a one-way ticket for 20 € from Paris / Gare de Lyon to the Mas. Within reach of all budgets …

3 / from Génolhac station to the Mas: I organize transfers or carpooling (often departing from Nîmes). You will be, in all circumstances, accompanied 🙂


Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George bernard shaw

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