Videoconferences before internships, stays or training

29 April 2020 /

I am thinking about creating videoconferences upstream of internships / stays / training with the following intentions:

· Create a first group link between us, via among other things a quick circle of presentation.
· Provide you with all the information at my disposal, the possible options and all the uncertainties.
· Share with you my current energy and what I imagine for the workshops.
· Genuinely approach the logistical, contractual, health, deontological and ethical points for the animation of the processes.
· Define the timeline for making validation or invalidation decisions.
· Answer questions and clarify everyone’s position.
Thank you for showing me your interest in this implementation by sending me a little note via the contact form of the site. Depending on your feedback, I will suggest dates for this virtual pre-meeting (via Zoom for example).

Be well, walk straight in an inspired and inspiring way (be careful no further than 1 km), and the pleasure of putting faces and smiles on your names.