Sanitary point
Weeks go by and the overall health situation does not improve ... Is ! Let us take note. But faced with this ambient stagnation, I suggest that you turn your gaze to your interiority to feel what is right for you, for us. I invite you to continue to explore, to clarify, to (re) connect and, as much as possible, to sublimate the treasures present within you. These inner "bonus" looks will allow you to do the fairest work for yourself and for others. The courses offered to you in this direction. In a vision of individual choices, of taking responsibility, of freedom with respect for others, despite this almost a year of unprecedented situation for humanity. Let's be the best version of ourselves 😊 -> I suggest you read the article on the health organization of internships to find answers to your questions about its implementation.
Come by train.
For your trip to the Cévennes, it is easy to prepare your trip reservations since the SNCF will reimburse or exchange all tickets before departure. The nearest TDV station is in Nîmes. I invite you to book your trip ONLY to this station (by choosing Nîmes-center). Apart from there, or a carpooling will be very often possible or then a TER for Génolhac station to buy specifically on:, because very often there are tickets at 1 €. Either a total cost of your trip, from Paris, to 20 € (19 € ticket and 1 € TER) in Ouigo, or 42 € in TGV Inoui.
Unknown, health protocol and various questions.
A new year, with strangers, but during which we can together (re) discover our bodies, make our souls sparkle and celebrate our hearts of tender, rascal, greedy, sensual men. A new year where we can meet to share the experience of creative energy, sensuality pampered by the benevolence of male tantrism. A new year full of special periods where we will create together a case of benevolent love and awareness so that everyone can relax, (re) pose, and free themselves. To be able to calmly explore all the fulfilling assets and benefits of internships. Since the constraints appeared last March, I have worked to find a health protocol to ensure the balance between safety and pleasure. At the start of each internship, everyone will have the necessary space to exchange freely, testify about their journey over the past few months, and express their needs, expectations and possible fears. For each shared structure, I will set the constraints, and enriched with this information we can create together the framework (collective or duo), of which I undertake to be the guarantor. In the joy, the good humor and the responsibilities of each one we will be able to vibrate all together without undergoing societal pressures. It is a joyful and responsible apprenticeship. My invitation is to join these adventures with an open mind, with the necessary flexibility in these complex times.
Meetings between men have resumed
And now, already a week spent accompanying 12 men in the discovery of the practice of fasting. First group of the 2020 season due to Covid19. The meeting was joyful and festive. The next internship, EYSF, will take place at the end of August. To date, all of the back-to-school internships have been maintained. There are still some places. To your agendas.
Internships / stay / training for after deconfinement.
Many men are contacting me to find out if it is still possible to register for the next animation dates. So there is an energy present, perhaps the ardor of spring and its "surges of sap" lol. Obviously we are all going through phases of questioning and many points are pending. But facing a complex question, isn't this the space to fully take one's place as a man, to face what frightens us or what attracts us without succumbing to overkill? But also to choose, to decide by fully taking our responsibility, to position ourselves in fact? "It's not what happens that determines my life, but how I react to what happens." If you have not yet registered for an internship / stay / training, but you wish to have information, it is of course possible, contact me via the contact form of the site to send me your email so that I can you integrate into the newsletter list so that you receive all the necessary information. Go on your journey in an inspired and inspiring way and take care of yourself.
Videoconferences before internships, stays or training
I am thinking about creating videoconferences upstream of internships / stays / training with the following intentions: · Create a first group link between us, via among other things a quick circle of presentation. · Provide you with all the information at my disposal, the possible options and all the uncertainties. · Share with you my current energy and what I imagine for the workshops. · Genuinely approach the logistical, contractual, health, deontological and ethical points for the animation of the processes. · Define the timeline for making validation or invalidation decisions. · Answer questions and clarify everyone's position. Thank you for showing me your interest in this implementation by sending me a little note via the contact form of the site. Depending on your feedback, I will suggest dates for this virtual pre-meeting (via Zoom for example). Be well, walk straight in an inspired and inspiring way (be careful no further than 1 km), and the pleasure of putting faces and smiles on your names.
COVID19: all May internships canceled
Given the COVID19 context, containment and deconfinement, clarification on the upcoming internships seems necessary to me. I inform you that the courses to come after 05/11 are canceled.